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I'm proud to say a few months ago I created the very first Vine a Day Challenge, and it was a complete success. People from all over the world joined me in uploading short videos inspired by each prompt, and it was tons of fun. Summer is starting in NYC, and now that Vine has an even bigger following, I thought it was a perfect time to bring the Vine A Day Challenge back.

What & Why:

After I downloaded the Vine app, I was soon hooked. Vine is essentially the Instagram of short videos: now you can share a taste of the world around you- in motion. 

As a filmmaker, my brain instantly went berserk. Can you tell a story in 6 seconds? What else can I do with this thing? Experiencing so many people's realities simultaneously made me feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself... Ok, getting philosophical now, but all this to say that I think this has the potential to be something incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to see what art and creativity will come out of Vine. 

From that, I thought of something: the Vine a Day Challenge. I wrote a list of ideas for each day in June, and every day you upload a new Vine inspired by each prompt. 

If, for example, June 1's prompt is "Summertime", I can record the beach, or a sprinkler going off, someone who's tanning or a snippet of Will Smith's song. Essentially, every prompt is to be interpreted in whatever way you wish... Let your creativity rule. 

I'd done something similar with pictures before on Instagram, thanks to the genius FatMumSlim; but the fact that Vine allows us to have video and audio now seems to me like this could be truly amazing. 

In a way, it'll be creating this massive, collective video project... What do you guys think? Are you up for the challenge?

We'll start on Saturday June 1st, using the hashtags #VineADayChallenge and #VineADayJune. Find me on Vine to check mine's out too: Giloria; and comment on my Vine post so I can follow you as well. 

Happy Vining! 


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