New York Stories - Ana, the nurse

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Every day, Ana shows up on my door wearing a new wig. It's become this tiny thing that I look forward to in the morning- trying to guess what hairstyle she'll sport next.

What's behind her decision of what hair to wear? Is it inspired by someone she spotted on the subway? Maybe her favorite tenelovela character wore the hairstyle in a particularly important scene? Or perhaps being in the "Land of the Free" means you can even afford to buy a whole new hair texture, color, style; and she relishes on her newfound ability to choose.

Even though I've always frowned upon these over-the-top artificial additions to one's body for the sake of beauty, I kind of envy Ana in that sense. She has the ability to slip into a different skin with every hairstyle she chooses; she gets to bring out all these different layers within herself.

When she wears her brunette Kate Gosselin short 'do she becomes feistier, sassier than her regular self. With the long blonde tresses she's suddenly more delicate, and won't be willing to do the more difficult and uncomfortable tasks that her job requires.

Oddly enough, my biggest question is what's under the wig? What, and who could Ana be hiding under her synthetic locks? I wonder what it would be like to to open up the door one morning and find Ana wearing her natural hair. I wonder who she'll be when she's being herself.

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Jonathan said...

Excelent ending. A very simple thing made into a layered tale. Comgrats!