21st Century's Love and Regret

Posted 1:46 AM by Gloria S. Álvarez in Etiquetas:

She had everything she had ever wanted. She called the City of Lights her home; pen and paper earned her a living; sunlight flooded her apartment and she smiled just because.

Mornings started with her computer, and in this one a Facebook status caught her eye: "(Blank) is now married to (Blank)". A picture of a beaming couple accompanied the post, and right then she learned that an image is really worth more than a thousand words.

One image and there was no more sunlight. One image and she was back to that room, back to that moment that could've changed everything.

She shook away the images of what could've been, reminding herself she was now an adult. She took a deep breath, "liked" the picture, wrote the standard congratulatory message and well wishes.

She closed the laptop, and tried to ignore how the sunlight didn't shine the same anymore.

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