Things I learned in Shanghai, China

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Being the huge Twitter fan I am, I was shocked to find out that the microblogging platform isn't allowed in China. I thought it would be cool to keep track of all the little things I would tweet about, and then compile them into a big entry, showing all the things I learned while in the magnificent Shanghai.
  • Shanghai is a HUGE city. Must be more than 5 times the size of New York.
  • Clothes are left out to dry outside the windows.
  • Architecture wise, Shanghai is an incredible sight to behold. Futuristic + gravity defying skyscrapers.
  • 1 hour Chinese foot and back massage for 15 dollars, including tip. #Winning
  • Beds are made from granite. Not really, but it feels that way- they're super firm. It's like sleeping on a chopping block.
  • Motorcycles drive on the sidewalk, and you have to be very careful not to get hit by one.
  • Eating with chopsticks is giving me carpal tunnel, but by God I'll master this by the time I get to NYC! (This was written on our first day there. By now, I'm a master of the chopsticks. Mission Accomplished, past Gloria!)
  • Shanghai grows upward: all buildings are at least 10 stories, made to accommodate their huge population.
  • Drivers wear white gloves
  • When an actor plays dead in China, they give them a red envelope with some money inside of it for good luck
  • Pork is a food group in China
  • Shanghai is the true city of lights: all buildings have colored light outlines or some sort of special lighting set up- even residential buildings. Imagine Times Square, but if instead of being in just one corner, it spanned throughout the whole city. Yep, that massive.
  • Black + Latino people are so rare in China that people literally went up to us to take pictures. I should've gotten a shirt that said "I'm huge in China", and I wouldn't be lying :P
  • China is a shoe fetishist's dream. Funky, colorful designs, and dirt cheap! 4-5 dollars a pair.
  • For all the things the Chinese have invented, it shocks me they haven't mastered refrigeration. To find a cold drink is a miracle. Even though they claim that cold beverages are bad for your digestion (which is true)... I don't care! It's hot as hell and all I want is an ice cold Coke
  • The Shanghai heat is incomparable to anything else I've ever experienced, and take into consideration I'm from the Caribbean. The hottest day in Santo Domingo feels like a winter breeze when compared to Shanghai's heat.
  • This is the first time I've travelled to a place where I had no idea about the language, and it couldn't have felt better. It felt liberating not speaking the same language, and it proves that that's the only barrier standing in our way: all around the world we're human, and we feel the same way; no matter where we come from.

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